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Joy Bezzant, (Locks Heath)

“I have known Nicky for about 10 years now and we have been on many a dog-walk together during that time. Her love of all dogs is clearly apparent and I can honestly say that the ones that know her really do seem to love her!

Nicky has proved herself, time and time again, to be a very responsible, trustworthy, reliable, kind and caring person. She has “dog-sat” for me on many occasions and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody who is looking for someone to look after and walk their dog.”

Lucy O’Brien, Puppy Socialising Trainer, Hearing Dogs

“Nicky has socialised three puppies for Hearing Dogs. I have known and worked with her for five years and she has shown herself to be excellent with dogs. She is consistent, loving and competent, and shows a great ability to modify behaviours gently and appropriately. The dogs she has looked after for me have all been very happy with her and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a responsible, caring and able dog handler. Her enthusiasm for dogs is clear and she has worked hard to gain the experience to be able to work with dogs professionally.”

Elaine Samuda (Titchfield)

I have known Nicky and her family (and dogs) for nearly 10 years and she was the person I turned to for help and advise when recently choosing our first ever dog. Her vast knowledge and expertise with dogs behavior and training has been invaluable in helping us to successfully incorporate our lovely Spaniel Alfie into family life. I would not hesitate in recommending her for any aspect of dog walking and care.

Janette Palubicki (Locks Heath)

Nicky is calm, caring and loving. She makes a real difference to my dogs when I am working long hours and they both just love her. Their excitement when we see her out easily demonstrates how much they enjoy her walks and I can rest assured knowing they are safe, happy and walked”"


Karen Spicer – (Locks Heath)

Well! What can I say! I would be totally lost without Nicky.

If you want someone who will LOVE and CARE for your dog like you do, then Nicky is absolutely that person.

Nicky has cared for our schnoodle puppy Dotty since she was around 8 Weeks old.  

Providing us with her puppy visits twice a week, Nicky will come into our home, toilet Dotty, play with her, feed her, cuddle her and even give her a little bit of secret training. FANTASTIC!

Nicky’s love for dogs is paramount.  Not only is she loving, caring, reliable and totally trustworthy, her knowledge of dogs is mind blowing.  Always on the end of the phone and genuinely happy to offer advice, help and support where she can.  She has been my shoulder to cry on many a time when things with Dotty have all got too much. Always reassuring me.

It is obvious that Dotty adores Nicky and vice versa. Believe me! I have witnessed the welcome they give each other.  Lovely to see.

For me personally, knowing that Dotty is truly happy and is in safe hands is a gigantic weight off my shoulders when I am out at work.

Can’t thank Nicky enough for the job that she does for us.

Nicky Coxall (Locks Heath)

Nicky walks my little cockapoo Remi on a regular basis and to be honest I don't know what I would do without her! She has an absolute passion for her job and is a very caring person. Remi absolutely adores her and I have 100% confidence in Nicky at all times. Remi always has a great walk and comes back well exercised and happy. She is so accommodating and is always happy to help out at short notice. I always refer to Nicky as Remi's second Mum!

Sharon Collins, Locks Heath

Nicky is one of the nicest people on the planet. She just ‘gets’ it that your dog is part of your family, and that it’s important to you that they have oodles of fun and stay safe at the same time. I’m pretty sure that Nicky can actually talk ‘dog’ because Ruby, my 2 year old GSD, just adores her. It’s just lovely to get that little text on your phone after they’ve been out, and know that Ruby’s had fun while I’m out at work.


Betty Evans, Titchfield

I really don't know how I managed before Nicky, my dog Bentley truly loves her

and is very excited to see her whenever she comes to collect him for a walk.

She is honest and reliable and nothing is too much trouble, she is an absolute gem.